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MontBlanc Blue-grey platinum number 25

This is a Montblanc 25. It is a 12-sided pen that was made in two versions. One with a "high top" and another with a "short top". It came in four different colours (black, blue-grey platinum, green marble and brown marble). The pen shown is the blue-grey version with a "short top".

According to Holten/Lund (Montblanc in Denmark, 2013) it was intended to be a Danish Masterpiece pen, although it is not numbered as a 100 series. It was produced from 1944 - 1949.

The blue-grey colour is very vivid, and I think it is a very elegant pen. As you can tell from the fotos, this particular pen has had its nib changed, and I have decided not to replace the existing one with a (correct) Montblanc nib.

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