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Contemporary Duofolds - From 1988 ->

I have stated somewhere else on this homepage that my main interest is vintage pens. But that doesn't mean that I don't like contemporary pens! The Duofolds from 1988 onwards are very nice and high quality pens, and I think it's fun to compare the original Duofolds from the 20s with their newer offspring. This page, then, offers some pics of the later Duofold models and some shots of vintage Duofolds next to contemporary ones.

To the right, you see some Duofold caps. Obviously, the two in the back row are a bit bigger than those in the front row. The senior size pen was, at its introduction i 1988, named "Centennial", since Parker Launched the pen to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company - hence "Centennial". The slightly smaller model was named "International", and in terms of size the relationship between the "Centennial" and the "International" is like that of a vintage senior to a special.

To the right you can compare the size difference between the Centennial (the blanc and the yellow pen) and the International. In both pics you may also note the difference in cap band design. The earliest 1988 version sported a broad and a narrow band, whereas a later model introduced in 1996. In the picture of the caps you can also observe a tapered cap in the 1996 version of the pen.

The tray picture shows some of the many colour variants of the contemporary Duofolds. There are many more!

Below you can follow the changes in the design of the top of the cap. The pen in centre is an ally version without adornments. The pen to lest dates from around 1992


Changes in nib design. The nib design in the middle is the 1996 version.

Below som comparisons between vintage and more contemporary models.
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