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122 and 126 PL De Luxe

I have been so lucky as to get my hands on some very nice 120 line pens and a matching pencil! The blurry background of this page is another 126 pl, but that one came without a cap! The 120 PL-pens were probably produced somewhere between 1935 and 1938/1940. Strangely enough, the 126 does not sport the star on the cap, but nevertheless I'm completely confident that the blind cap is correct and original since the inscription reads "Montblanc De Luxe" as does the stared blind cap of the 122.

The pic to the right shows part of the background pen of this page. It shows the pattern of the pen with a macro shot (and by the way, all photographs are taken with a macro lens).

In the left picture at the bottom of the page you see a black 122. The inscription on the blind cap reads: "Montblanc Meisterstück" but not "De Luxe" as on the PL-pens.

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