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Now, that's me posing as a convict or rather as someone addicted to fountain pens. I don't consider that a punishment!

ABOUT My Fountain pens and ME 

Collecting fountain pens has been my hobby and interest for many years. It all started when I inherited my great grandfather's green mottled Waterman Ideal (the pen in the middle). Some time after that, I told my grandmother about the Waterman and how I was very fond of it, and she almost immediately went to a 'secret' drawer in her bedroom, found my late grandfather's pen and gave it to me. It was, and is, a Parker Duofold Flat Top Special in almost pristine condition (the pen to the left). And that's how I got started! Later my father offered me his  black and gold-filled Parker 51 (to the right). Three very nice and classic pens, and, I think, a beautiful way to start a collection!

   I like many different kinds of pens and pen makers, as long as the pens are both beautiful, functional and give you a feeling of quality when you hold them and use them. But living in Denmark does give you access to many great pens produced in this country, and that's why my collection tends to gravitate around some of the Danish brands such as: Penol, Big Ben and Montblanc (many of which were produced in Copenhagen). And since Parker has always been well represented in Denmark, I also have a special focus on some of the company's line of pens.

Pens on this web-site:

What you will find on this web-site does to some extent represent the major directions of my collection, but in many cases I have simply photographed pens I like. I try to provide at bit of explanatory text, but since I don't spend much of my time doing research on fountain pen history, don't rely on me as your primary source of very specific information. Do fell free to contact me, if you find errors in the descriptions.

Please note that the page is still under construction. That's why you will sometimes find a dead link. Eventually they will come alive.

You will notice that not all of my pens are properly cleaned. It is time consuming to clean a pen without messing it up, but it is my intention to come around to that, too, in some years' time.

I'm a novice in photography, but it might interest someone to know, that the pics on this homepage are shot with a macro lens and not adjusted afterwards. 

Below you find a picture of a miniature pen given to me by a friend who works with silver.

I hope you find something on my page that may interest you!

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