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The 200 series

The 20x series was created in 1950 and was replaced by the 21x series in 1955. The two pens are very similar and since they share nib design and, almost, feed design, their way of writing is also very similar. And they write well! I often use one the Danish 200 series as my daily writer and  as a rule they write a smooth and balanced wet line. They come with both firm and flexible nibs.

Both 200 series are sturdy pens, and you have to act almost on purpose to break them. In terms of quality, you are often better off with a 200 model than with a pen from the 100 series.


Feed-design: The feed to the right with the grooves is the newer model 21x. The feed to the left belongs to the 20x.


The three different nib-sizes of the 200 series. The 20x and the 21x share the same nib-design.

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