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The 222 - 226 and the 242 - 246 series

The 222-6 and 242-6 are, along with the 202-6 and the 212-6 emblematic of the Danish Montblanc production. The design is no nonsense and straightforward, and that is probably why it is also an elegant pen as you can see in the picture below.

In the exterior the 22x and the 24x are completely alike and only the filling system distinguishes them. The 22x series are button fillers whereas the 24x are piston fillers. The pen shown is a 226.

As a rule they have imprints on the cap - but not always - and you very seldom find imprints on the barrel. Occasionally you find imprints on the blind cap in the 22x series, whereas you almost always find blind cap imprints in the 24x series.

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