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Sheaffer Balance 1929 - 1942

This wonderful Balance Senior was given to me by a good friend. It belonged to his grandfather who served as a ligthouse keeper in Iceland. Interesting life - also for a pen.

This particular model probably dates from around 1935, judging from the clip design. The two-toned nib is rather elegant, I think.

Five generations of Sheaffer pens

Obviously, the three pictures of Sheaffer caps you see here are not limited to the Balance model. You have two flattops from the 1920s (only one in the pic with three caps), the Balance cap form the red veined pen above from the 1930s, a Triumph cap from the 1940s through the 50s hidden behind the Balance, a golden PFM cap from the 60s (year of introduction was 1959)  and finally a Targa cap, a line of pens introduced in 1976 and discontinued in the early 90s.

Three sets of Triump pens.

The three sets above and to the left are Triumph pens. This line was introduced around 1942, and the salient new feature was the wrap-around nib (see pic below). The new line incorporated some of the features from the so-called 'crest pens', a line sporting caps made of metal. The Triumphs were priced according to the material of the caps. Thus, the three sets show are respectively a 5000 set (caps of solid gold), a 1500 set gold plated caps and a 1250 set with stainless caps with gilded adornments.

Below you can also see a green striped set with plastic caps. That's a '1000' set.

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