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Master series and numbered pens - the late models

The Master series - named as such on the body of the pen - appears to have been the top of the line pen in the late production of Big Ben pens. It is more streamlined than the "Classic", and it uses a Parker 51 like filling system. The cap band is one single broad band. As always it is a very well made pen and colours are preserved fantastically. It comes in two sizes (at least) and (at least) in two colours: solid black and green mottled/paint-brush. Please see picture to the right.

The Benzon Company also produced a line of numbered pens. I have seen the following: 25, 30, 40 and 62. The 62 is, as mentioned, actually a 'special' size of the Master.


Above: inscription of the Master series.

Below: the broad and elegantly redesigned cap band with the vertical lines that have been one of the recurrent design hallmarks of the Big Ben models. Also below: further pics of the Master.

A few pics of the 'numbered' pens

Two Master series caps.

Below the inscription of the smaller version of the Master, the 62, and further below a comparison between the 62 (left) and the Master.


A number 25 pen. I have seen the number 25 in different colours and also in varying body, cap and nib design. It is not completely unlikely, that the number reflected the price of the pen.


To the left and below: a set of bordeaux number 30


To the left some number 40 caps and below the inscription on the body. The bluish pen to the left does not carry a number and in difference to the bordeaux and the black nor does it sport an inlaid metal cirkel in the top of the cap.


Below a set numbered 20. The design suggest an earlier model than the other pens on this page. Maybe a junior's set.

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