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Masterpieces 20 - 40 produced between 1935 and 1946 in Denmark (according to Holten/Lund - Montblanc in Denmark 1914 - 1992). 

In the box from the left: A number 4 and a bandless number 2 have sneaked in. Pencil 53, black number 40, pencil 51 and 50 1/2, coral number 30, coral lever filler 25, coral push knob 25, coral lever filler 20 and two coral push knob 20. Ironically enough, I think that the pens in the box are all German made pens. 


A few pics to compare between a number 30 and number 40. You can tell the size difference in nib and also looking at the barrel. (And by the way: I apologise for the pens not being carefully cleaned, but I'm not a good repairman when it comes beyond changing a sack, so I often leave the pens as they are in order not to damage them).


Below: 20, 25, 30 and 40

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