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The Miller pen company - umbrella for many different brands

Miller pens

You may have noted that many of the Danish Brands use English sounding names for their companies. A probable explanation is that Danes in general, in the past  and to some extend also today, were fascinated with England and also with the United States and thus, by choosing names like "Miller", "Hoover", "Big Ben" and the like, it was thought that the name would ad value to and increase the "must have" feeling about the pens of the company.

So, below you have some pics of Miller Pens, the main brand of the Miller Company. They are well made pens, but the design is not exactly original. The green striped pens (624 and 626 Royal) have obviously been heavily inspired by Sheaffer's stramline pens of the 30's and 40's, and the 557 further down the page is very close to a Parker 51 (it has a vacumatic like filling system, too). The conclusion, well built and elegant pens, but not innovative in terms of design.


The asking price for the green striped 622 'special' (to smaller pen, see below) was a hefty 50 kroner. Not a negligible amount in the 50's in Denmark. The bigger pen carries the number 624. The "Royal", with an all gold-plated cap, was even more expensive. In the picture of the nibs, it spits the two-toned nib. It is numbered 652. The pencil has the number 620.

To the right you see the number 622 and 622 and the accompanying pencil 620.


The 51-like pen below is numbered 557. It is a 'speed-line filler' with an open nib. It is somewhat larger than Parker's 51.


The black pen below is numbered 622. It is a button filler.


Below more pics of the Miller 557.

Orion pens

Holten/Lund (page 136) asume that the Orion pen brand was imported to Denmark by The Miller Pen Company as an exclusive brand. 

The pen below is quite funny with it's black, brown and gold cigar like shape. It bears inscriptions and numbering suggesting that it is one a a larger line of pens. I'm not able to date the pen, but judging from design and filler system (lever-filler) one would say mid 30s to mid 40s? It is well made and care has been taken to detail. Note the rather unusual design of the clip.

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