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Penol No 7 and Penol No 8 - The Special sized and senior sized pens in the First Penol line

The No 7 and No 8 came in many different barrel colours. Unfortunately, I'm only able to show you a few of them here. They were produced from 1935 until 1942.

The No 7 and 8 pens are easily recognisable with their stepped or hat-like top. 

They also came with two different clips and with two different nib designs. One clip is very sleek and without imprint whereas the other is 'heavier' and sporting the 'Penol' brand name. One nib has an inverted heart as breather hole , and the other simply has a circle. I have been unable to determine whether one design is earlier than the other, but certainly both clips and both nibs are original to the No 7 and the No 8.

The No 7 and No 8 are sack-fillers. They came with the special, transparent window created to allow visibility of ink in pens using rubber sacks. To see the system described in detail, please go the page about the number 1,2 and 3.

Also note the unusual ink-window in the black No 8 (the photo introduces to this section about No 7 and 8, but you will also find a photo of it at the bottom of the page).

Additionally, you also find to different imprints. See further down.


This No 8 brown and gold swirl is among the less common designs in the 7 and 8 line. It does not have any imprint, and the nib is steel and stamped 'PENOL'. Practically mint.


Above and to the right: Caps and cap tops.

Below: A black No 7 and a black No 8 for size comparison. Further below a number 7 and number 8 cap next to each other.


Below you can see the two different nib designs you find in the No 7 and the No 8. First the nib with the vent-hole formed as a heart. Then the nib with a plain circle as vent-hole.


To the left: Two different imprint styles. I don't know which comes first and which second in terms of chronology.

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