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The Patricians

The original Patrician

Finding yourself on a vintage pen web site you will probably know that the original Patrician was introduced i 1929. It was marketed as the top of the line Waterman pen. It was fairly short-lived and was discontinued already in 1935. The colour shown is called "Turquoise", and it is basically a pen body with a blue base with flecks of amber and smaller flecks of white. A very attractive pen.

The reinvention

The Man 100 Patrician saw the light of day in 1992 and was discontinued already in 1994. It is an elaboration of the Man 100, that as a model had a much longer life, probably from 1983 until 2000. Obviously, the clear reference to the Patrician of the 30s is the cap band and the 'ideal plate' at the bottom of the body.

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