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Penol Pens - An overview of a sort

The Penol Brand saw the light of day around 1932, year in which the production of the Penol Pens started in Copenhagen. The pens were produced by the Christian Olsen Company which had until then imported Parker Pens and also produced some Parker Pens in Denmark under license from The Parker Pen Company. That explains why you find a variety of Parker Pens in Denmark.

The Penol brand continued producing pens until around 1970, but the most collectable lines were produced between 1932 and 1952 in a span of only 20 years.

If you are interested in a nice and neat overview with some background information you should visit Michael Miloro's site dedicated to Penol pens:

You can also continue the page about pens No 00 - No 6 and get further general information and also specifik information about Penol's transparent ink window in sack-filler pens/button-filler pens. Or simply jump to the page that might interest you.

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