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Big Ben Master pen and pencil set, Green Marbled

Big Ben Master fountain pen and pencil (number 62).

This pen set is an excelent example of the beauty and the build quality of the Big Ben Master series from the 40s and the early 50s. It is restored with a new sack in the fountain pen

The set is in marbled green, and the colour is very vivid with no fading. Trim is also very good, both the broad cap bands and the clips are excellent.

Imprints are crisp and perfectly readable, allthough the mottled green does not lend itself to easy reading of imprints. 

Imprint on the pen barrel: Big Ben Master

Imprint on pencil cap: Big Ben 62

See pics for imprint.

Pen writes a nice wet line with a fine to medium nib. The nib can be a slight bit scratchy when held much to one side, but held correctly it is a great writer.

Pencil is very hard to turn, and there is no lead in it. But everything seem to be there inside.

This is absolutely a collector's grade pen and pencil set.


Colour: Green marbled Big Ben pen and pencil set from the 40s


   pen: 13,5 cm closed, 16 cm cap posted

   pencil: 13 cm

Nib: fine to medium

Filling mecanism: like parker 51 'press 5 times' unscrewing the barrel

All parts original Big Ben (and also, I believe, original to the pen)

Price: 220 $ + postage (mail of your choice).

If you regret your purchase, I will be happy to refund you your money except expences for postage.

Please feel free to ask questions.

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