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Montblanc 212, Danish coral

Generally, a pen in excellent condition. 

The Montblanc 212, 214 and 216 series was produced in Denamrk from 1955 until 1959. The pens were made in only two colors, coral and black, and all were botton fillers. They are very well made pens, and allthough many of them are in their late 60s, they continue to great and smooth writing experiences. This particular pen is no exception.

Cap: perfect with excellent and deep Montblanc imprint 

Cap ring: fine and intact gold plating

Clip: excellent, nice and shiny gold plating

Barrel: excellent. The barrel has an owner's engraving. It is discrete and professionally made and shows that the pen once belonged to 'Kirsten Brøndum'

Blind bottomcap: very good, carries the imprint of the series: 212

Nib: correct size Montblanc nib. The number/size is not stamped in the center of the stare as is often seen. The nib has lots of irridium and a discrete flex. It is an excellent writer.

Price: 200 usd (+ 30 usd if you want it with a new sac installed)

Frisk Drip Coffee
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