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Coral Mont Blanc pix with big star, number 50 1/2.

This coral Mont blac pix/pencil is in very good condition. Star, cap, clip and barrel are all in very good condition. The star is slightly yellowed as it should be, the clip is immaculate and the barrel has no blemishes and only the most superficial of scratches. The pencil has been hand polished to its original discrete lustre. 

An educated guess would place this pencil somewhere in the 1930s. I'm not sure whether it belongs to the German or the Danish production. What is certain, though, is that it measures 13 cm, exactly. It is in fully working condition, propelling and retracting the lead as it should. All imprints are clear and easily readable, also the imprint on the clip which has no loss af gold fill. Colour is completely even.

Note: Take a close look at the very tip of the pix; there is some tarnishing to the metal. The 'Mushroom' top is brownish and not black.

All in all a very collectible mecanical pencil.


Mont Blanc Pix number 50 1/2

Measurement: 13 cm

Colour: Coral

Price: 300 $ + postage according to your choise. Ask for possibilities.

If you are not happy with your acquisition, I'm ready to take it back, but I will not refund postage.

Pleas feel free to ask questions.

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