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Montblanc Special Edition Ingrid Bergman Roller Ball Pen, 2009, Mint

The Ingrid Bergman followed a few years after the Greta Garbo model, in 2009 I think, and the basic design ideas are much like those found in the Garbo. Nevertheless dimensions between the cap and the barrel are very different from those found in 'Garbo', and the material of the cap is also quite different. They are both very elegant and refined as the actresses to whom they allude. The Bergman is fitted with an authentic ametyst.

Condition: Mint, New old stock Ingrid Berman Roller Ball  pen

Inner and outher box and booklet included. Please note; the the inner lining of the inner box shows some wear simply from time passing. 

Please note; The individual product number on the outher box does not correspond to the actual number on the Roller Ball. The Roller Ball was bought at a Stationary Store that stopped collaborating with Montblanc years ago, and apparently they had confused some of the boxes. Thus, the outher box for this Roller Ball was intended for a Ball Point Pen. 

Also note: My offerings in Garbo and Bergman fountain pens and Ball Point pen have the correctly numbered outher boxes.

I do, of course, guarantee, the authenticity of this pen.

Price: $450 + shipping  (at actual cost and at your choice; feel free to contact me for quotes)

The last picture, the one with the 5 pens, is only intended to make you want to buy more than one pen :).  But, of course, in this offer, you only buy 1 roller ball pen plus boxes and papers.

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