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Danish Montblanc No 4, Coral, Excellent

The Danish made Montblanc No 4 was made in the latre 30s and the early 40s. It came in 3 sizes, a No 2, 4 and 6. Colours were black and coral. You can also a K2, meaning "kort nummer 2", a short version of the slender No 2.

This is a No 4 carol in excellent condition. Everything is original, and the pen is very well preserved.

Colour is even and very good.

Gold trim is very good (under a magnifying glass the high points of the cap rings show a slight bit of wear); clip is perfect. Cap bands sit thight.

Imprint in both cap and barrel are perfect, deep and easily readable.

Nib is the original No 4. It is an extra fine with plenty of iridium and a nice bit of flex.

The white star is in very good shape, showing tiny, natural crazings due to age. Great, slightly yellowed colour to star.

The cap screws on just perfectly, and closes tightly.

Milling on the bottom blind cap is excellent.

Please note; the sac has NOT been changed. If you want to use the pen as a daily writer, you should have that done.

Please note: photos are taken with a macro lens, that reveals much more than the naked eye can see. Sorry for the dust!

Price: 690 $ + shipping (at actual cost and at your choice)

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