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Swan pens 

I'm showing three Swan pens in this page:

An 844B - 61

A  644

A Minor No 2

Maybe the numbering could be read as follows for the E844/61 (according to Raven March): 

E - eternal

8 - nib size and pen size

4 - maybe it has to do with the cap band design

4 - indicates the "eternal" (warranty)

61 - Hard Rubber, wood grain pattern

The "B" should indicate a vest size pen, but this 844 is definitely a full size pen, a senior model,  

Swan - I guess it goes without saying

I only have a few Swan pens, but the ones I have are very nice, I think. The 844B is very beautiful with the wood grain lines and colours running through the pen. Luckily it is also in a very good state of preservation. Below you see respectively top and bottom of the 844B. As stated above the "61", which you can see below the 844, indicates the colours and pattern in the hard rubber.

Below an Eternal number 6 

I don't know what the red band at the bottom of the pen means. Maybe it has to do with the stiffness of the nib?

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