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Big Ben Pens - Pens of absolute Top quality

Among collectors of Danish pens, it is widely known that the Benzon Trading Company imported Wahl-Eversharp Pens to Denmark in the 1920s and in the following decades. It is also know that the Benzon Company started the production of it's own line of pens - The Big Ben - in 1933 due to import restrictions and shortage of Wahl-Eversharp pens. The production of Big Bens ceased in the early 1960ies. But as of yet, no one has taken the trouble to produce an overview of the very attractive lines of pens offered by The Benzon Company during it's 30 years of activity. I haven't either. But if I get the time to do it, it is my intention to get the job done, since I'm a big fan of the brand; you find pens of a quality second to none in terms of build quality (steady plastic, great colours, very nice flexibly nibs, great plating etc.) So what I do in the following pages is to make a preliminary systemisation of part of the Big Ben line-up, but I'm not able to deliver any precise information as to chronology, date of production, colour possibilities etc. 

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